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What is a content retainer partnership? (CRP)

A content retainer partnership (CRP) is an agreement between you, the client, and Lido Video to collaborate on multiple projects for an extended time. A retainer partnership reserves a predetermined set of services for a monthly fee, granting you access to a consistent content stream to meet your marketing needs and goals. 

What are the benefits of Lido Video’s content retainer partnership? (CRP)

Our content retainer partnership is just that – a partnership. When we collaborate, our production team builds a stronger understanding of your brand, and you get the benefit of producing consistent media for a predictable cost. Other benefits include: 

  • Customizable production packages 
  • Project priority 
  • Bulk discount pricing 
  • Scheduled marketing strategy 
  • Saving money from having to onboard employees
  • Saving money on production costs


Our content retainer partnership (CRP) packages are curated to produce ongoing video and photo content to meet your needs. Our packages cost less than developing an in-house production department, and we place your projects as our top priority. Don’t let an overflow of content interfere with your goals; Lido Video can augment your team to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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